Pokémon Cookies!

I made these Pokémon cookies as part of a collaborative project with some of my fellow Tastemade partners. While I am a huge Nintendo fan, I wasn’t aware of Pokémon until my little brother introduced me to Pikachu in the mid 90s, which was after the height of my video game playing days. Almost 2 decades after the original Pokemon was introduced, Nintendo is coming out with two new games this month, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.
This little guy is called Chespin and he’s one of three Starter Pokémon in this latest version of the game. I just think he’s super adorable, which is why I chose to cookie-fy him.
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Pokemon-cookiesThis is the Chespin color palette:pokemon-cookies-colors
Pink: Americolor deep pink + chocolate brown + black
Brown: Americolor chocolate brown
Green: Wilton Kelly green + lemon yellow
Black: Americolor black
Gray: Americolor black plus a little bit of that pink mixture from above
Dark pink: Same color combination as the pink listed above, but darker.
Watch the video tutorial for instructions on how to make this design:

These cookies were made using my Orange Vanilla Spice recipe, which is available in my tutorial shop. They were iced using flood consistency royal icing. Read this post to learn about the three icing consistencies that I use most often when decorating cookies.
Visit Tastemade’s YouTube channel to see all of the edible Pokémon creations from the Tastemade network partners.
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3 thoughts on “Pokémon Cookies!

  1. I follow you on music.ly. I love your cookies you are soooooo unique and cool and I could never have the patient you do with the time it takes with those cookies!!!?☺️?

  2. Made these and my icing was too “floody” and ran off the cookie. Amber is right about consistencies, everyone! Be sure to have some stiff icing on hand, ready to remedy.

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