Piping Without a Kopykake Projector – NYC Cookies

If you’re like me and don’t own a Kopykake projector, you can use this tissue paper method to transfer almost any design onto a cookie.
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Begin by tracing your image onto a piece of tissue paper using an edible ink marker. You can use Google images to find inspiration for your designs. Then, you can either print them out on a piece of paper or draw them yourself.
Place the tissue paper with the image over a cookie that has been flooded with royal icing and allowed to dry completely (8-12 hours drying time). This cookie was made using my Orange Vanilla Spice recipe, which is available in my tutorial shop. It measures 3×3″.
With the image placed over the cookie, go over it again with the edible ink marker. Use a little pressure to be sure that the image transfers onto the icing. The ink will bleed through the tissue paper, transferring your image onto the cookie.
You’ll have a rough outline to follow, like this:
Outline and fill in the image with a tip 1 and flood consistency royal icing.
Then, use a scribe tool or a toothpick to evenly distribute the icing and fix the edges.
Immediately fill in the lower section with flood consistency icing and a tip 1. I used gray for the lower section to give the impression that it is a reflection of the city skyline.
Pipe a border by outlining the edges of the cookie using the black flood consistency icing and tip 1.
NYC 10
Allow the icing to dry another 6-8 hours before handling the cookie.
I also used this tissue paper method to make these art deco cookies.
 Have you tried this method? Share photos of your work on my Facebook page!

31 thoughts on “Piping Without a Kopykake Projector – NYC Cookies

  1. Thanks for sharing this Amber! Are you using tissue paper that you would wrap gifts with?

    Have been very busy since our wonderful class with you.

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  5. Hi , I also do a lot of cookie decorating using the tracing method but I use nontoxic chalk and a tracing tool . It work well also . I will try you method for my Christmas cookies . Thank you I love you work and inspiration . Lucy

  6. Ambs, you are indeed sweet! I was just trying to figure out how to transfer a sketch onto a cookie. I have the app that allows you to do it, but no stand, so I found myself stumped. I really love this tutorial and will be using it when I get home tonight! Thank you! <3

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