Easter Basket Cookies – Eggs and Bunny Ears!

These Easter basket cookies are two variations on a design that I made as part of Haniela’s Easter Extravaganza.
For decorating products used here, visit my recommended products page.Easter Baskets
The colors I used here are from the Wilton Garden Tone 4-Piece Colors Set. You can also make these colors by adding a touch of brown or black to your pinks and blues.
To make these Easter basket cookies, start by icing a cookie with flood consistency royal icing and allow it to dry 8-12 hours. Visit my tutorial shop for a video with full instructions on flooding with royal icing.
Using a scribe tool, draw your design into the icing by gently scratching the surface. Make sure to also draw a line where the eggs will end and the basket will begin. Easter Eggs
In order to keep the definition between the eggs, ice one section at a time using medium consistency icing. Use the scribe tool to help shape the egg. Start with the egg that is in the “back” of the bunch. Allow the sections to dry for about 15 minutes in front of a fan before moving on to the next one.                       


While the eggs are drying, make the bunny ears. Use the scribe tool to draw your design by scratching it into the icing. This beige color can be achieved by adding a touch of brown to white icing.Easter Bunny
Use the same medium consistency icing that you used for the eggs to pipe the inside of the ears using pale pink icing. Let the icing dry for about 15 minutes in front of a fan.Easter Bunny
Pipe around the ears in white icing, but leave a space for one of the ears to flop over. Easter Bunny
Add the last section of the ear.Easter Bunny
The next steps are the same for both the egg and bunny cookies.
Using stiff consistency icing and a tip 3, pipe a rope border for the handle of the basket. Easter Bunny
Watch the clip below to see the rope border in action.
Using the same stiff consistency icing and a tip 3, pipe a basket weave. Visit my shop for a video with full instructions on how to do the basket weave technique. 
Add a bead border to the basket.Easter Bunny
Allow the icing to dry for another 2 hours before handling the cookies. 
Download cookie decorating lessons 1-15 in my tutorial shop to learn more about the techniques used in this tutorial.                             sweetambs-video-poster2
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7 thoughts on “Easter Basket Cookies – Eggs and Bunny Ears!

  1. Your piping techniques are stunning and so effective! Thank you for all the useful information in your tutorials. I was just wondering on your easter egg and bunny baskets, it doesn’t look like you are doing an initial line when drawing the ears and eggs, and then flooding it, but you just pipe it straight on? In which case, how on earth is it keeping it’s shape?! Thanks in advance, Lisa

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  3. Preciosas y gracias por el paso a paso, geniales, me encanta todo lo que he visto del blog, Saludos.

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