Mermaid Tail Cookies!

These mermaid tail cookies were inspired by a technique that I used to create a set of dinosaur cookies a few weeks ago. This time, I used the brush embroidery technique to create the scales rather than using SugarVeil® as I did on the dino cookies, but the SugarVeil® Mesh Mat would work really well here, too. The pearlescent finish is achieved by applying a combination of colorful pearl dusts.


Here’s what you’ll need to make these mermaid tail cookies:


The pearls shown in this photo were made using the royal icing transfer technique. You can see the tutorial on how to make them here.


To make the mermaid tail cookies, start by icing a plaque cookie with pale green flood consistency royal icing and a tip 3. This color was made using the chart that comes in the Wilton Color Right color system. You can make it by mixing blue, yellow, and brown. Mermaid-Tail1-resized

Once the icing is completely dry (I usually allow my icing to dry at least 8 hours), scratch a mermaid tail shape into the icing using a scribe tool. Mermaid-Tail2-resized

Fill in the fin with lines of stiff consistency royal icing and a tip 2. Mermaid-Tail3-resized


Fill in the rest of the tail using the brush embroidery technique. Start by piping a ruffled line with stiff icing and a tip 2, and then drag the icing with a square tip brush. Allow the icing to dry about 30 minutes. 

Mermaid-Tail4-resized Mermaid-Tail5-resized

Place a small amount of pearl dust into a paint palette or small cups. I used Wilton blue, purple, and green pearl dusts. These are available at the craft store in the cake decorating aisle, or find them on Amazon

Add a few drops of alcohol or flavored extract and mix well. Read this post to learn more about painting with pearl dust.


Use a soft brush to apply the edible pearl paint to the dry icing. Start with blue, then add purple, then green. The paint will be dry within a couple of minutes. I used this technique to make reptile skin on this set of dinosaur cookies I mentioned earlier.Mermaid-Tails7-resized Mermaid-Tails9-resized

Finish the cookie by piping a bead border with stiff consistency icing and a tip 2. Mermaid-Tails10-resized

Watch the video below to see the entire process in action!

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10 thoughts on “Mermaid Tail Cookies!

  1. These are beautiful!

    Can you taste the alcohol once everything has dried? Looking to make some cookies for a 1 year old’s birthday and not sure this would be safe for children. Would clear vanilla extract work just as well?


  2. Wow looks gorgeous. Literally just stumbled upon your website! Quick q I cannot seem to find the scribe tool anywhere, can you please send me a link, preferably somewhere that ships to Australia

  3. As always, spectacular! Thanks for sharing the process and tutorial. I may try to do this. lol Hold your breath! lol
    I did a very large cookie and I am somewhat pleased with it. Not overly joyed but it was a good attempt. I goofed doing the hair and plan on trying to fix that area. I am not confident… I want to use the piping technique that you used to pipe in the tail. With that in mind, to me, the rows won’t be large enough. I’m looking at tips to use but still am not sure I can pull it off.
    Thanks again for this great tutorial! When I scrolled down and saw the picture I was agog – lol. You are truly a great lady/artist.

  4. Gorgeous as always! I’m wondering if you could explain what you meant by using the mesh mat in this technique. I’m having trouble envisioning it.

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