Lulu & Roo Cookies and Giveaway!

I can’t wait to dress my daughter in Lulu & Roo’s summer “Retro Beach Collection”! Not only are their clothes adorable, but they’re really comfortable so your kids will WANT to wear them (anyone else ever have issues when it comes time to get dressed? ?). Follow the link to enter to win $350 worth of clothing for your little one:

Good luck!

Here’s what you’ll need to make these cookies:

  • Roll-out cookie dough (use your favorite recipe or get mine in the tutorial shop)
  • Paring knife to cut the cookies
  • Flood Consistency Royal Icing
  • 12″ decorating bags
  • Couplers
  • Decorating Tip 2
  • Decorating tip 1
  • Scribe tool
  • Brushes
  • Fine tip brush
  • Yellow Color Dust
  • Pink Color Dust
  • Purple Color Dust
  • Blue Color Dust
  • Edible Charcoal Powder (for black)
  • Alcohol or flavored extract for painting with food coloring (why? read this)
  • Paint palette or small dishes
  • Food Coloring: Pink, yellow, and blue from the Wilton Color Right set

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