How To Make Picnic Cookies

I made some picnic theme cookies to go along with these charcoal grills. I’ll show you how to pipe a gingham pattern using royal icing in this tutorial.
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Start out by drawing a wavy checkerboard using an edible ink marker. The cookie shown here was made with my Orange Vanilla Spice recipe, which is available in my tutorial shop. It measures 3×3″.
I decided to make this pattern wavy since the cloth is laying in the grass rather than on a smooth tabletop. Also, the wavy pattern allowed me to worry less about drawing and piping perfectly even squares.
You’re going to need to pipe this very quickly so that all of the icing dries evenly. So, it’s best to mark each space to tell you what color goes where. The dots indicate a pink square.
The X indicates a red square. The white ones are left blank.
It helps to first do a sketch of the pattern on a piece of paper to determine where the colors will go. The red squares will be where the pink stripes intersect.
The red shown here was made using Americolor tulip red with a little bit of black. I mixed white with the red/black to achieve the pink color.
The ants are black and the grass is kelly green.
Using a tip 2 and flood consistency icing, fill in the blank spaces with white. Your icing should be thin enough that it smooths out on its own within 14-16 seconds, but not so thin that it runs out of the lines. There is a video in my shop with instructions on making and using flood consistency royal icing.
Immediately fill in the dotted spaces with the pink icing.
Then, fill in the X spaces with red.
Gently tap the cookie on the table to smooth out the icing. Allow it to dry in front of a fan for about 2 hours.
At this point, your icing will still be soft under the surface so be careful when piping the ants. Use black flood consistency icing and a tip 1 to pipe 3 tiny dots in a row.
The last dot should be slightly larger than the first two.
The grass is made using stiff consistency icing. Stiff consistency is what I refer to when the icing comes off of the mixer. It is spreadable, but able to hold a peak. You can learn more about stiff consistency icing in the videos, How To Make Royal Icing and Cookie Decorating Basics.
To pipe the grass, hold your tip about 1/8″ above the surface of the cookie and squeeze until the icing builds up into a little mound.
Keeping pressure on the bag, lift the tip to form a blade of grass.
Release the pressure on the bag and lift the tip away.
Allow the icing to dry 8-12 hours before handling the cookie. The grass blades will be very fragile, so it’s not ideal for shipping. You can try using green sparkling sugar instead, or flood the edges with green icing and add some texture using the method shown in the grill cookie tutorial.
Watch this video to see this tutorial in action:

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  1. First: These made me giggle! Second: They’re oh-so-cute! Third: Another brilliant execution. 😀

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