How To Make A Tufted Cookie Using Royal Icing

I created these cookies using the fancy square from It’s one of my favorite cutters. Check out LilaLoa’s Flickr group to see more cookie ideas using the fancy square!
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First, draw a guide on the cookie using a ruler and an edible ink marker. These squares are about 1-1/4″x1-1/4″.
Then, fill in every other square in every other row using flood consistency royal icing and a tip 2. Let the the icing dry for about 10 minutes in front of a fan.
Fill in the rest of the squares in each row. Let these dry for about an hour in front of a fan.
After those squares are dry, fill in the rest of the squares.
Let the icing dry 8-12 hours before adding more decorations.
On this cookie, I’ve added a bead border, gold painted beads and a fondant button with a royal icing thread.

6 thoughts on “How To Make A Tufted Cookie Using Royal Icing

      • Thanks! I bought your tutorial on tufted cookie, cookie recipe and enrolled in your crafty class. I like the tutorials and can’t wait to try some of the techniques. Do you plan on having any workshop classes in Chicago…would love to attend if you are.

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  2. You inspire me, so wish I had time and space to practice. You have a great style and steady hand for sure! Perfect! Must be difficult to see people eat them!!!!

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