How To Decorate Starfish Cookies

I designed these beach cookies as part of a giveaway with Tiffany Chou Jewelry back in November. The giveaway is closed now, but you can still learn to make your own starfish cookies!
beach cookiesFor this project you will need:
  • Coral = Americolor tulip red, Americolor deep pink, Wilton lemon yellow
  • Gold = Wilton brown + a touch of juniper green
Watch the video below to see how to decorate these starfish cookies:
beach cookies
Read this post on how to make gold royal icing if you’re unfamiliar with this process.
If you’d like to learn more about the techniques shown in this video, visit my shop for cookie decorating tutorials with full instructions on how to make royal icing, flooding with royal icing, and piping a bead border.
 cookie decorating
Happy decorating!

6 thoughts on “How To Decorate Starfish Cookies

  1. Hi! Great tutorial! Question…In addition to the tutorial, I really enjoyed the music selection played. I was looking around for a credits link and couldn’t find one. Would you mind sharing the music selection title and artist with me? I would love to listen to it 🙂

  2. Hi sweetambs
    I just watched your craftsy class. The best ever. My question is does the royal icing get rock hard when eating the cookie or is the underneath layer soft. I have only used glaze icing which is soft.

    • Hi Carol! I’m so glad you enjoyed my Craftsy class! Royal icing does dry hard all the way through. It is much different than glaze. I like to use a softer cookie when I decorate to balance it out.

  3. Hello,
    I just viewed your tutorial on starfish cookies,,,sweet!
    Also just purchased your recipe.
    On the video it was inviting to enter a giveaway I am ! 😉

    Thank you

    I love your tutorials ,,easy to follow .

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