How To Decorate Mini Christmas Cookies!

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I got this adorable custom made candy jar from and I thought it would be so cute to fill it with mini Christmas cookies! The jar came filled with Jelly Bellies, which I finished soon after the jar arrived. Scroll down for the tutorial!
For this project you will need:
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  • Red: Americolor tulip red + burgundy + a touch of black
  • Blue: Americolor royal blue
  • Yellow: Wilton lemon yellow + a touch of golden yellow
  • Medium and light green: Sugarflair gooseberry
  • Dark green: Americolor leaf green + black
I picked up this set of mini Christmas cookie cutters at Michaels years ago. It comes with 30, but I ended up using 4 shapes: The light bulb, the tree, the candy cane and the snowman head (you might have noticed that there is no snowman head in this set of decorated cookies. That’s because I turned it upside down to make the present!).mini-cutters
Watch the video below to see how to decorate these mini Christmas Cookies:
Merry Christmas!
Click on the images below for more cookie decorating tutorials:
 SweetAmbs-Christmas3 snow-globe2 

11 thoughts on “How To Decorate Mini Christmas Cookies!

  1. Hey Amber, I just love watching you decorate your cookies!
    Do you make your cookies ahead of time?
    Do you freeze them,then decorate later? What is the best way to do cookies when your making a lot at a time? I might be giving away cookies next year,as gifts,,,,,lol

  2. Hi,
    I love how you make your cookies. I was wondering how you get your cookies out of your cutters when they stick in there, the way that they do in your video, without misshaping them. I’ve been making sugar cookies, and they always end up stretching when I’m getting them out of the cutter, or they stretch when I’m trying to get them off the floured counter.

    • When I make cut-out cookies, I roll out the cookie dough on the sheet of parchment paper that I’m going to put on the cookie sheet.. Instead of picking the cookies up, I carefully remove the trimmings from around them and then carefully slide the parchment onto my cookie sheet and pop it in the oven. Works great.

  3. Thank you so much for your tutorial. It was so helpful! I made the Christmas tree, candy cane, and Christmas lights. They turned out adorable! I just love your work and always look forward to learning from you.

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