How To Make Holiday Place Card Cookies

Here’s a sweet way to dress up your holiday table! I made these place card cookies using the enamel technique that I used for these Jay Strongwater inspired cookies back in May of this year. You can see the full tutorial on the enamel technique in this post.Place-card-cookies22For this project you will need:
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The tableware shown here can be found at Napkins.comHolly Traditions Tableware napkins and plates, Glittering Gold placemats, Glittering Gold cups.
Cut out the cookies using the fancy plaque cutter and then cut them in half with a paring knife.Place-card-cookies1
Also cut out some triangle pieces. These will be the stands that hold up the place card cookies. Make sure to cut the triangles so that the cookie will lean back slightly when you stick the pieces together.Place-card-cookies4
Once the cookies are baked and cooled, ice them using brown flood consistency royal icing and a tip 3. Immediately pipe stripes of white icing, also with a tip 3.Place-card-cookies5
Swirl the two colors together with a scribe tool.Place-card-cookies6
Also ice both sides of the triangle pieces with brown flood consistency icing, allowing the first side to dry 8 hours before icing the other side.
Allow the icing to dry 8-12 hours, then coat the cookie with a mixture of corn syrup and a few drops of alcohol.
This gives the cookie a shiny surface and it will dry to the touch if you let it sit for a day or two. If you don’t have that kind of time, or if you will be shipping these cookies, you can use this technique without the corn syrup as Michelle shows here on her blog Make Me Cake Me.Place-card-cookies7
Mix together some gold pearl dust with a few drops of alcohol and dab it onto the corn syrup.Place-card-cookies8
Swirl it around. Place-card-cookies9
Allow this to dry for a couple of hours, then pipe the names using a light shade of brown medium consistency icing and a tip 1. Place-card-cookies10
Pipe a laurel leaf-like border using the same medium consistency icing that was used to pipe the name.Place-card-cookies11
Allow the icing to dry about 2 hours, then paint it with a mixture of gold pearl dust and alcohol. Read this post to learn more about painting with gold. Place-card-cookies12
Pipe a bead border with stiff consistency icing and a tip 2. Allow it to dry, then paint it with white pearl dust. Place-card-cookies13
Pipe some stiff consistency icing to the triangle cookie and apply it to the back of the place card. Apply some pressure to make sure that it sticks.Place-card-cookies14
Pipe a bead border over the seams.Place-card-cookies15
Allow the “glue” to dry for a couple of hours before handling the cookies.Place-card-cookies18
Happy Holidays!Place-card-cookies20
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12 thoughts on “How To Make Holiday Place Card Cookies

  1. Hi, I’m new at this, just discovered an interest in cookie decorating about a year ago, and I love it. One question for now is, is there a trick to keep icing from bleeding? Especially, red. and with Valentines day coming up would be nice not to have my red icing look like double vision, : ( Thanks ……… your work !

  2. Hi Amber! You’re marvelous! What a great job you made here. Like always, of course.
    Question… Once made the dough, how long can I store it?


  3. Hi Amber! Only you would think of using the plaque cutter in such a fresh and creative way! Your ‘handwriting’ is so pretty. I love the laurel border!!

  4. Hi, Amber, remember me, from Portugal? How is your new beautiful place going on? Just to say THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge: that is so special, just to “share” it. Your work is fabulous

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