Holiday Cookie Decorating With Wilton and Michaels!

I love decorating with royal icing all year long, but holiday cookie decorating is extra special! This year, I’ve teamed up with Wilton and Micheals to create this set of cookies.SweetAmbs-Holiday9

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

1)  Use the Wilton Color Right system to color the royal icing.

Blue = blue + brown

Green = yellow + blue + brown

Pink = pink + brown

Fit four 12” decorating bags with a coupler and a decorating tip number 3. Fill the bags with blue, green, pink, and white royal icing.SweetAmbs-Holiday-Colors

2) Cut cookies using the star, tree and stocking cutters. Bake and cool the cookies.

3) Cover a star cookie with white royal icing. Apply Wilton gold star sprinkles while the icing is still wet. Allow the icing to dry completely.SweetAmbs-Holiday2

4) Pipe a border of royal icing pink and green dots around the edge of the star.SweetAmbs-Holiday2a

4) Cover the sock portion of the stocking cookie with pink royal icing. Apply snowflake sprinkles from the Wilton snowflake mix while the icing is still wet. Cover the cuff with white royal icing. Allow the icing to dry completely.SweetAmbs-Holiday3

5) Cover the cuff again with white royal icing to add dimension. Cover the icing with Wilton white sparkling sugar to add texture. SweetAmbs-Holiday3a

5) Cover a tree cookie with blue royal icing. Pipe a filigree design with white royal icing while the blue icing is still wet. Apply a gold star sprinkle at the top and allow the icing to dry completely.SweetAmbs-Holiday4

6) Pipe dots of white royal icing and cover the dots with white sparkling sugar.SweetAmbs-Holiday4a

7) Cover a tree cookie with pink royal icing. Sprinkle Wilton gold star Edible Accents over the icing while it is still wet.SweetAmbs-Holiday5

8) Cover a tree cookie with green royal icing and allow it to dry completely. Place a piece of cardstock over the cookie, leaving about ½” exposed at the top. Spray the cookie with Wilton gold Color Mist. Move the cardstock down ½” at a time and continue to spray the icing to create an ombre effect.SweetAmbs-Holiday6SweetAmbs-Holiday6a

See more baking projects here on The Glue String. Happy Holidays!SweetAmbs-Holiday8


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4 thoughts on “Holiday Cookie Decorating With Wilton and Michaels!

  1. Lovely cookies! Do you outline the cookies in a thicker consistency icing before adding the flood icing? Or can I get away with only using flood icing like you did? Thank you!

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