Hand Painted Cookies – Tropical Sunset

I made these hand painted sunset cookies at the end of last summer and almost posted them then, but decided to save this design for a time we really needed to see something warm and tropical… like right now, when there’s a foot of snow on the ground!
Hand Painted CookiesHere’s what you’ll need for this project: 
  • Roll out cookie dough (my Orange Vanilla Spice cookie recipe is available in my tutorial shop)
  • T-square ruler and paring knife to cut square cookies (these are 2×2″)
  • Flood consistency royal icing
  • Round decorating tip 3
  • Mop brush (1/2″ or 1/4″ like the one shown here)*
  • Tiny brush for painting the palm tree
  • Alcohol or flavored extract
  • Cup of water
  • Gold luster dust (if you’d like to add gold around the edges)
  • Blue: Wilton sky blue
  • Pink: Wilton rose
  • Purple: Wilton sky blue and rose
  • Yellow: Wilton lemon yellow
  • Black: Wilton black or Americolor super black
*You can find the artists brushes in the art supply section of the craft store. I purchased mine at Michaels. Visit the recommended products page to find more decorating supplies from this list.
As you’ll see in the video below, I started out with a square cookie that was iced in white flood consistency royal icing. I almost always use a tip 3 for flooding. You can see a video with full instructions on flooding with royal icing in my tutorial shop. Make sure that the cookie is completely dry before painting it. I usually allow my icing to dry overnight before adding decorations.
The process of painting on royal icing with gel paste is very similar to painting with gold pearl dust. A lot of the same rules apply, but the only exception here is that you want your paint to be very thin, like watercolors. When painting with gold, it’s better if the consistency of the paint is on the thick side.
Watch this video to see how to decorate these hand painted tropical sunset cookies:
If you’d like to paint the edges of the cookie with gold pearl dust, read this post on how to make gold royal icing
Hand Painted Cookies Sunset
Click on the images below for more cookies!                                  Beach-Cookie7 Gold-leaf9 Brights

18 thoughts on “Hand Painted Cookies – Tropical Sunset

  1. These are beautiful. How long do you allow the “paint” to dry? Will it ever fully dry or does it remain a bit tacky? I finished a batch about four hours ago and they are still a bit sticky…

    • Thank you, Margaret! The paint should be dry within a few minutes. If it’s still tacky, it could be because the color was too concentrated. Try thinning it even more with the alcohol next time.

  2. I love your cookies! When I have tried making icing for decorating it always seems to turn out to thin. Can you give me a good recipe to flooding icing?

  3. I was just at the store looking at 0 and 00 paintbrushes yesterday! These are so creative. I love how your cookie is a canvas and you painted a watercolour picture on it.

  4. These are beautiful! I’m curious, though; when you make a batch of these, do you paint them one at a time, or would you do all of the blue first, rinse brush, switch to purple and do all of them, rinse brush, etc.?

    • Thank you Kathryn! It works best if you blend the colors while they’re still a little bit wet, so it would be better to do all of the colors on one cookie at once, then move on to the next cookie.

  5. Omg Amber! I love these. And 2 of my favorite hobbies, painting and cookies, put together. Your brilliant! But I have to admit they make me want to go on vacation away from all the snow lol. Thanks for the tutorial,Cant wait to try it!

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