Gummy Drop Cookies and The Great Gummy Bake Off!

The creators of the game Gummy Drop have invited me and some of my YouTube friends to host a bake off! The grand prize is a Samsung Galaxy S2 Tablet! To enter the contest, download the Gummy Drop app (I haven’t been able to stop playing this game since I downloaded it… you’ve been warned!) and create a cake, cookie, cupcake, or any sweet you choose inspired by the game. I was inspired by the bright colors and fun shapes of the gummies, so I made these cookies that look like drip cakes covered with lots of little Gummy Drop cookies 🙂gummy-drop1

Once you’ve created your Gummy Drop-inspired sweets, upload a photo to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #greatgummybakeoff and tag @gummydrop on Twitter or @gummydropgame on Instagram. Make sure to tag me, too, (@sweetambs) so I can see what you’ve created! The winner will be announced on April 22nd on the Big Fish Games social media accounts.

You can also enter the contest for a chance to win a Gummy Drop t-shirt signed by me!

  1. Download Gummy Drop! for free to your phone here
  2. Get to level 11 in the game and see what your highest score can be!
  3. Share a screenshot of your score on Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #GreatGummyBakeOff and tag me @sweetambs!

You can find more information about the baking off at

Watch the video to see how I created these Gummy Drop drip cake cookies:

Here’s what you’ll need to make these Gummy Drop Drip Cake Cookies:

Colors: The Wilton Color Right color system was used to create all of the icing colors in this set of cookies:

Music courtesy of Audio Network:

I’m so excited to see what you create for the Great Gummy Bake Off! Good luck!


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6 thoughts on “Gummy Drop Cookies and The Great Gummy Bake Off!

  1. Very cute cookie. May I ask where you got this cake cookie cutter? I like that it’s tall and thin. All the cake cutters I see are short and squatty (kinda like me!!) Thanks.

  2. I love reading all your Facebook posts! May I have your permission to post the picture of the Gummy Drop cookies on Facebook to wish my very good friend from college a Happy 50th Birthday?

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