Father’s Day Cookie Tutorial

These Father’s Day cookies are perfect for the handyman dad. My dad owns a woodworking company, which is why I decided to make this design for Father’s Day.
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I used the tissue paper method for these cookies. This font is called “stencil”. I printed it out at size 120 (my cookie is 4×3″, so change the size of the font to fit in whatever size cookie you’re using), then traced it onto the tissue paper and used an edible ink marker to transfer the design onto the cookie. Read my Art Deco Cookie post for a tutorial on this method.
fathers day cookie fathers day cookie
Watch the video below to see how to create the look of wood grain using royal icing. You can also read the post on wood grain cookies for more information on this technique.
Once the icing is completely dry, pipe screws in the corners using gray flood consistency icing and a tip 1. Use a scribe tool to help shape the screws.
fathers day cookie
Outline and fill in the letters using a tip 1 and black icing that is slightly thicker than flood consistency. For lettering, I like to my icing to be about the same consistency as yogurt. Use the scribe tool to help shape the letters. There’s a video in my tutorial shop with more information on flood consistency royal icing.
Next, use bright yellow icing and a tip 1 to pipe a rectangle above the lettering. I used my scribe tool to scratch the outline of the rectangle into the icing before I filled it in. Let that sit for about 5 minutes, then add black stripes using the same icing you used for the lettering.
Let the icing sit for another 5 minutes before filling in the rest of the stripes with yellow. Then add a black outline on the inside rectangle.
Outline the outside of the rectangle and pipe # 1 in the center.
Let everything dry for about 4 hours. Paint the screws using a mixture of silver pearl dust and alcohol or flavored extract. I prefer to use Bacardi 151 for this method. Read this post for more information on painting with luster dust.
Use an edible ink marker to draw a line in the center.
Allow the paint to dry for about 20 minutes before handling the cookie.
Father's Day Cookie
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11 thoughts on “Father’s Day Cookie Tutorial

  1. At the top of the page in your banner you have four pictures of cookies. Do you have a specific page or video showing how you created those designs? If so, I sure would love to see the.

  2. Superb as always!!
    Please show us the rest!! I’d love to get these made to send to my Dad for Father’s Day!

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