Fall Leaves Cookies

I made these fall leaves cookies for my dad’s birthday, which happens to be during the most colorful time of the season here in upstate New York.
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I used these leaf cookie cutters that I got during my last trip to NY Cake. You can read all about that in this post.Gold2
I decided to paint directly onto the cookie rather than icing it first, because I liked how the texture of the surface made the leaf look more natural. My Orange Vanilla Spice cookie recipe is available in my tutorial shop
To paint the leaves, I used 4 different gel paste colors and mixed them with a few drops of Bacardi 151. This is the same process that I use for painting with gold luster dust. Fall-Leaves1

I used Wilton lemon yellow, Americolor tulip red, Americolor chocolate brown and Wilton juniper green from the garden tone set.Fall-Leaves2


Once I painted the cookie, I piped the veins with a tip 1 and medium consistency royal icing.Fall-Leaves6


I allowed the icing to dry for about 2 hours, then painted the veins with a mixture of gold dust and alcohol.Fall-Leaves9
Then I added a thin line of gold all the way around the edge of the cookie.Fall-Leaves10
Here’s a video of this process:


Wouldn’t these be so pretty on a Thanksgiving dessert table?


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38 thoughts on “Fall Leaves Cookies

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  2. These are simply beautiful. Could I hand paint a Christmas tree cookies the same way piping in branches and maybe some Christmas balls ?

  3. I really love your work, watching your tutorials inspires me to get inside my kitchen and start being creative. watching your fall leaves video really blow me away. what is that song you have playing? Thank you

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