Eggs With a Side of Bacon Cookies!

Breakfast foods are my favorite foods of all! Going to the diner and having breakfast available to me at any time of the day is something that makes me very happy. It only made sense for me to do a project that combines two of my favorite things: cookies and breakfast.
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bacon cookies
Watch the video below for the decorating tutorial:
These cookies were made using my Orange Vanilla Spice recipe (available in my tutorial shop) and iced entirely in flood consistency royal icing. This post has more information about the three icing consistencies that I use most often.
I used both Americolor and Wilton gel pastes for this project. The bacon red is a mixture of Americolor tulip red with a touch of black. The egg yolk yellow is Wilton lemon yellow with a little bit of golden yellow.
Here’s a behind the scenes look at my set up. I take all of my videos on my iPhone with a Joby GorillaPod Stand. It’s much easier than attaching my phone to a stack of boxes with packing tape and then taping the boxes to the table so the whole thing doesn’t topple over onto my cookies, which is how I used to do it.

bacon set

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22 thoughts on “Eggs With a Side of Bacon Cookies!

  1. Hi, I love to watch your videos. They are intoxicatingly addictive! Every week I jump to your website in anticipation of what your new cookie will be.

  2. Amber, your creations are so creative and meticulously executed. I watch your tutorials over and over again in the hopes of some day being equally as wonderful as you. Thank you for all of your hard work and for sharing your ‘art’ with all of us hopefuls out here!

  3. Preciosas y divertidas galletas, tienes un talento increíble, gracias por compartir ese talento con todos, aprendo mucho con tus videos y consejos, con tus explicaciones haces que sea fácil.

  4. Hi Amber,

    I have seen almost all your videos and I have become a true fan of yours. The cookies are so beautiful, I don’t think I’ll be able to eat them. I tried a few times but backfired :(. You have got extra ordinary talent. Hats off to you!! Wish I had a little in me too.

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