Edible Place Cards

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I realized while going through old holiday tutorials that I never shared these place card cookies that I made in 2016! Olive was born a couple of weeks early while I was still working on Thanksgiving and Christmas cookies and needless to say I was not prepared! 

These edible place cards were inspired by a dish that my cousin gave us for our wedding (she’s a producer on BBQ Guys – check out her work!). As you can see, she knows my style well!

I wish I could say I served these cookies at my Thanksgiving table, but since Olive was born 10 days before Thanksgiving I was in no condition to host (and haven’t been ever since, haha!).

Find all of the supplies you’ll need for this project in my Amazon Store.

  • Roll out cookie dough (use your favorite or get mine in the tutorial shop)

  • Plaque cookie cutter

  • Flood consistency royal icing (learn all about royal icing and icing consistencies here)

  • Medium consistency royal icing

  • Decorating tip 3

  • Decorating tip 1

  • Bronze pearl dust

  • Gold luster dust

  • Fine tip brush

  • Paint palette or small dish

  • Alcohol or flavored extract for painting with gold luster dust (Alcohol or flavored extracts are used for painting on royal icing because they evaporate very quickly, which means that the liquid won’t dissolve the icing as you are applying the paint. The stronger the alcohol, the better!)


1) Begin by icing a plaque-shape cookie with white flood consistency royal icing and a decorating tip number 3.

2) Use a scribe tool to evenly distribute the icing.

3) Allow the icing to dry completely.

4) Pipe details using white medium consistency royal icing and a decorating tip number 1.

5) Fill the entire cookie with a pattern, such as a tree and snowflakes, or leave a space in the center to write a name.

6) Combine gold pearl dust with a few drops of vodka or any flavored extract.

7) Mix well.

8) Paint the name with a fine tip brush.

9) Dust the edges of the cookies with bronze pearl dust.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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8 thoughts on “Edible Place Cards

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  2. Hello sweetambs. So I have a question, so what kind of icing do u use for your cookie making videos? Because I always want to make cookies and can never find the right icing.

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