Decorated Easter Eggs

One of the things I love about royal icing is its versatility. Since it dries hard, it can be used for all kinds of decorations, including Easter eggs!

SweetAmbs-Easter-EggsFor this project, you will need:
  • Wilton delphinium blue from the garden tone set
  • Americolor royal blue
  • Wilton aster mauve from the garden tone set
  • Wilton juniper green, also from the garden tone set
I used the blow out method for these Easter eggs, which leaves the shells empty so that you can keep your decorated eggs forever. I poked a hole using the scribe tool and then gently chipped away at it to make it large enough for the whites and yolk to come out. When I was growing up, we used to empty the shells by blowing into them, but I learned this morning on Instructables that there’s another way to do it. It says to use a syringe, but I didn’t have one, so I used an eye dropper. It worked. Easter-Eggs1
I didn’t have any vinegar on hand, so I did a little research to see if I would REALLY need vinegar to dye my eggs, and I came across this very helpful post on The Provident Home Maker that gave me my answer. I ended up going to the store to get vinegar. Easter-Eggs2
After mixing my water, vinegar and delphinium blue food coloring, I noticed that the eggs were more purple than blue, so I added in some Americolor royal blue.Easter-Eggs3
This is what the eggs looked like when I took them out. After they dried, I ended up putting them back in for another minute, which helped to even out the color. Easter-Eggs4
I already had a stockpile of royal icing roses. I made these using stiff consistency icing and a petal tip 59s. They need to dry for a few hours (8 to be safe) before you can use them, so I’d recommend making them the day before. You can see a tutorial with full instructions on making royal icing roses and leaves in my tutorial shop.Easter-Eggs5
I attached the roses with a little dab of icing. The egg is sitting on a tiny empty container (it used to hold Wilton cake sparkles) to hold it in place. Easter-Eggs6
Then, I added leaves with stiff consistency juniper green icing and a tip 352. This is also part of the roses and leaves tutorial.Easter-Eggs7
You should let the leaves dry at least 2 hours before handling the eggs. Easter-Eggs8
 Happy Easter!
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14 thoughts on “Decorated Easter Eggs

  1. I was going to wish you luck in the contest but the eggs are so amazing I doubt you need my well wishes. Pretty sure Martha will think they “are a good thing”.

  2. I love the variegated effect of the eggs with your beautiful RI roses. Really, really lovely. I bought some “plastic dyeable eggs” for my boys to dye (they’re not big on eating hardboiled eggs) but I may snatch a few of them and do this. 😀 Thank you for sharing your imaginative ideas and your art.

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