Cookies For Movie Night Using Royal Icing Transfers

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I recently spotted a post on Instagram from Everyday Party Magazine about a tutorial by Painted and Sprinkled on how to make your own marquee letters (looks like a really fun project!). Painted and Sprinkled’s paper mache version inspired me to create my own marquee letters in cookie form using royal icing transfers to go along with my popcorn cookie pops.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a cookie marquee: 
  • Red = Americolor tulip red + burgundy + black
  • Cream = Wilton buttercup yellow
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You can make these royal icing transfers several days in advance. Here’s the template that I used to make the letters. Each square is 2×2″ so that the letters would fit nicely on a 3×3″ cookie. You can make your own template or use this one
Place the template on a flat, sturdy, portable surface and cover it with wax paper (don’t use parchment paper because it will wrinkle as it absorbs moisture from the icing) and secure the wax paper with tape. I placed my template on a 10×14″ piece of Plexiglas, but you can also use the back of a sheet tray as shown in my royal icing transfer video, which is available in my tutorial shop. You’ll also find the royal icing recipe there, along with my cookie recipe.
Use medium consistency royal icing and a tip 2 to outline and fill in the letters. This template has two of each letter, but I’d recommend printing 2 templates so that you have plenty of extra just in case. This post on royal icing consistencies and troubleshooting tips has information on how to reduce the risk of breakage. 
Movie-RI-Transfers-3 Movie-RI-Transfers-4
Use a scribe tool to help sharpen the edges of the letters. Place the transfers in front of a fan and let the transfers dry 8-12 hours. The fan doesn’t need to be on the whole time, just during the first hour or two.
While your royal icing transfers are drying, cover a 3×3″ square cookie with cream colored flood consistency icing and a tip 3. Allow the icing to dry 8-12 hours. Visit the tutorial shop for a video with full instructions on how to flood a cookie with royal icing
Movie-RI-Transfers-6 Movie-RI-Transfers-6b
Once the royal icing transfers are completely dry, slide a paring knife under the wax paper to loosen it from the template.
Place your hand under the wax paper and peel it away from the transfer. Once you have most of the paper peeled back, you can gently lift the transfer off the rest of the way. 
Apply some cream colored flood consistency icing (same icing that was used to ice the cookie) to the back of the transfer using a tip 1. 
Place the transfer onto the cookie.
Use the scribe tool to mark where the lights will be. I made mine about 1/4″ apart. Pipe little round lights using the cream colored flood consistency icing and tip 1.
Movie-RI-Transfers-12 Movie-RI-Transfers-13
To give the marquee a vintage look, dust the edges with brown color dust using a soft round brush.
Movie-RI-Transfers-15 Movie-RI-Transfers-16
I also painted the edges of the cookie gold because I just can’t help myself. Mix some gold pearl dust with a few drops of alcohol or flavored extract to form a paint and apply it to the cookie with a small brush. Read this post on how to make gold royal icing to learn more about this process.
Now you have a cookie marquee to display on your movie night dessert table. Don’t forget to make the popcorn cookie pops!

To see the royal icing transfer process in action, visit my tutorial shop for the video on how to make royal icing transfers.                     Bees

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    • Thank you, Sue! Yes, they can be put on buttercream, but you’d have to wait until just before serving since the royal icing will absorb the fat after a while and that will end up staining the icing.

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