Beach Cookie {Video Tutorial}

I can’t believe it’s already August! Even though I’m not in school anymore, I still dread this time of year with the back-to-school ads and nightmares about missing the bus. I’m not ready to give up making summer cookies just yet.
Beach cookie
This cookie is a variation on the beach cookies I posted a few weeks ago. I used the wet-on-wet technique rather than brush embroidery for the waves. Visit Evelindecora’s blog to see a similar marbling technique used to create an ombre effect.
For products used in this and other tutorials, visit my recommended products page.
If you’re not sure about what I mean when I refer to “flood consistency” and “stiff consistency” royal icing, check out this post. My cookie and royal icing recipe are available in my tutorial shop.
Summer isn’t over yet! Click on the images below for more summer cookie ideas:      Brights Nautical Grill

22 thoughts on “Beach Cookie {Video Tutorial}

  1. They look awsome. I really like to try that, but my (flooding) RI always dries so fast that after 10 seconds there is already a thin crust – do you have an idea what I can do better? I use your RI recipe 😉

    Thank you

    • Thanks, Noelle! Sometimes I need to turn off the fans and A/C when I’m doing projects like this, because the air just gets too dry and the icing dries super fast!

  2. Just love these so much, am glad I have some square cookies in the freezer to have a bit of a play with! Thanks again for sharing!

  3. LOL OMG, I absolutely LOVE this tutorial!!! The music is PERFECT!!! You are my Cookie Rock Star! Your cookies are soooo imaginative!

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