Back To School Cookies {Video Tutorial}

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As much as I would love summer to last, it’s about time to post back to school cookies. I’m actually really looking forward to fall. It’s those below zero wind chills in February that I’m dreading.
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back to school cookiesThese paper and pencil cookies are made using both Wilton and Americolor gel paste food coloring along with the help of some FooDoodler edible ink markers.
Pencil yellow: Wilton golden yellow + lemon yellow
Wood pencil tip: Wilton brown
Pink eraser: Wilton pink
Metal band: Americolor black
The edible ink marker colors are black, blue and pink.
Watch this video tutorial to see how to make these back to school cookies:

For information about flood consistency icing and stiff consistency icing, read this post. My cookie and royal icing recipe are available in my tutorial shop.
Before texting, we used to write notes that looked like this.
back to school cookies
back to school cookies
Have a good school year!
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26 thoughts on “Back To School Cookies {Video Tutorial}

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  2. Hi Amber, not sure if you can still see my comments coz it’s an old tutorial blog. I really love the music of most of your Videos. Could you show the name of the music in the future? Also is it possible to let me know the name of the music for this tutorial video? Thank you in advance!!

  3. Ámbar, me encanta tu trabajo, es limpio y preciso, me encanta ver todo lo que haces, soy estudiante de repostería y tus videos me dan cada día más ánimo de continuar con esto que es maravilloso, me encantaría su pudieras darme la receta para hacer el “rotal icing” no he encontrado una receta que me agrade, te lo agradecería muchísimo, muchas gracias. <3

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