Baby Gender Reveal Cookies!

Last week, my friends gave me the great honor of being the first to know the gender of their baby so that I could make gender reveal cookies! I’d always hoped for an opportunity to make cookies like these and the whole event was just as exciting as I’d imagined it.


As you can see, these panda bears are filled with pink sprinkles (it’s a girl!), but you can fill them with any kind of candy, like mini m&m’s, or maybe even colorful frosting. I used the DoughEZ rolling system to roll out 1/4″ thick and 1/8″ thick sheets of dough for this project. You can see the video tutorial here on my Facebook pagegender-reveal-cookies2

Click on the images below for more cookie projects!                            Baby Royal-Baby-14 Eyelet Lace


4 thoughts on “Baby Gender Reveal Cookies!

    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to using the DoughEZ mat for pie crust this Thanksgiving. I usually make a big crumbly mess, so I think it will be a big help!

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