Apple Cookies

After going apple picking last weekend, I had big plans of making pies, apple butter and apple bread! But, so far, I’ve only made these apple cookies, which do not contain any actual apples.
Fortunately, I have not come across any unwelcome creatures in the harvest. However, if I do happen to find one, I’m pretty sure he won’t be as cute as this guy ↑
These are the colors I used for this project:
Red: Americolor tulip red + black
Green: Wilton Kelly green
Brown: Americolor chocolate brown
Watch the video below for decorating instructions:
I kept things simple by only using flood consistency icing and a tip 2 for this project. Read this post to learn about the three icing consistencies that I use most often when decorating cookies. My Orange Vanilla Spice cookie recipe is available here in my tutorial shop. The apple cutter I used was most likely from a set of assorted Wilton cutters that I’ve had since the beginning of time.
For products used in this and other tutorials, visit my recommended products page.
Happy fall!
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Cupcakes baconeggs2 Rilakkuma-5

20 thoughts on “Apple Cookies

  1. I attempted RI for the first time last wk and made these for my son’s pre k teachers- they were a hit! I got an edible link marker and he wrote his name on the white part- he LOVED that! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  3. Your cookies are such inspiration!
    My concern is that royal icing just doesn’t taste all that exciting, and I’m looking for a cookie recipe that will make up for that… ?

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