Peppermint Chocolate Cake

While browsing through Pinterest the other night for a cake to make on my mom’s birthday, I found a recipe for peppermint chocolate cake from Woman’s Day magazine.

Normally I’m not a fan of peppermint, but my mom is, which is why I chose this recipe. However, after tasting it, my feelings about peppermint might be changed forever. This cake is so good.

The recipe from Woman’s Day calls for peppermint meringues as garnish, but I needed to leave the top empty for the inscription. Also, I made the chocolate cake in two 9″ pans instead of three 8″ pans, and it turned out fine. I like to have thin layers of cake so I cut mine in half before icing them.

Cream cheese frosting!

It had been a long time since I iced a cake.

But I remembered to do a crumb coat.

You can never have too much cream cheese frosting.

Crushed candy canes cover the sides.

I added a bead border with a tip 5.

Happy birthday, mom!

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