Cookies For Mother’s Day

While I was doing research for my cracked glaze cookies, I came across lots of Delft pottery and Blue Willow.

Then I saw this plate in a neighborhood cafe and I knew I had to make these cookies.

These are all made using the wet-on-wet royal icing technique.
I’ve put together a set of these cookies for Mother’s Day. They’re available here in my shop.

If you’d like to try your hand at using the wet-on-wet technique, consider entering my Spring Cookie Decorating Contest, which is going on now through April 30th.

7 thoughts on “Cookies For Mother’s Day

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  2. I am from Holland so when I saw these cookies on Pinterest I fell in love with them! They are amazing! You really captured the Delft Blue feel perfectly! You should sell your cookies, they are pieces of art! 🙂

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