Cookie Decorating Video Tutorials on USB Drive with Scribe Tool


This USB drive contains cookie decorating video tutorials 1 through 20 as well as the classic SweetAmbs orange vanilla spice cookie and royal icing recipe in U.S. and metric measurements. You’ll also receive a scribe tool with this purchase.

Please allow 7-10 days for shipments within the U.S. and 4-6 weeks for international shipments to arrive.

With these video tutorials from SweetAmbs, you will learn the basics of cookie decorating from making royal icing and flooding a cookie to more advanced techniques like how to make fondant rose petals, brush embroidery, piping basket weave and making beautiful roses and leaves. Watch a preview:


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This USB drive contains:

  • Lesson 1:       How to Make Royal Icing
  • Lesson 2:       Royal Icing Consistencies
  • Lesson 3:       Coloring Royal Icing with Gel Paste
  • Lesson 4:       Flooding with Royal Icing
  • Lesson 5:       Cookie Decorating Basics
  • Lesson 6:       How to Pipe a Bead Border
  • Lesson 7:       Quilting with Royal Icing
  • Lesson 8:       Brush Embroidery
  • Lesson 9:       How to Pipe Ruffles
  • Lesson 10:    Roses and Leaves
  • Lesson 11:    Basket Weave Technique
  • Lesson 12:    Basket Weave Hat
  • Lesson 13:    Royal Icing Transfers
  • Lesson 14:    Brush Embroidered Leaves
  • Lesson 15:    Brush Embroidered Christmas Tree
  • Lesson 16:    Fondant Rose Petals
  • Lesson 17:    Pink and Gold Hearts
  • Lesson 18:    How to Pipe Filigree
  • Lesson 19:    Tea Set Cookies
  • Lesson 20:    Monogram Cookies
  • Flower and Leaf
  • Bees
  • Christmas Tree
  • Fall Leaf
  • Filigree
Recipes (in U.S. measurements and metric)
  • Royal Icing
  • Orange Vanilla Spice Roll Out Cookies
This USB drive will be shipped within one week of purchase. These videos can be viewed using a media player such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime. Please contact [email protected] for more information. 

DISCLAIMER: The outcome of these recipes can be affected by many factors including but not limited to weather, altitude, variations in baking equipment and tools, as well as brand of ingredients used. It is recommended that you make a test batch and make the appropriate adjustments BEFORE making cookies for a special occasion or for a customer. This is a recipe that is used on a regular basis at SweetAmbs with fantastic results, but that does not mean that it will be right for everyone. Please read this post for more information on making cookie dough.