Cookie Decorating Video Tutorials 1 through 5 with Recipes – The Basics

These are the basic techniques that are the foundation for all of the other tutorials in this cookie decorating series. This package comes with How To Make Royal Icing, Royal Icing Consistencies, Flooding With Royal Icing, Coloring Royal Icing, Piping Basics as well as my cookie and royal icing recipe.

SweetAmbs Flooding

Recommended supplemental reading: Royal Icing Consistencies and Troubleshooting Tips and Tips On Making Cookie Dough, Packaging and Storage of Cookies

DISCLAIMER: The outcome of these recipes can be affected by many factors including but not limited to weather, altitude, variations in baking equipment and tools, as well as brand of ingredients used. It is recommended that you make a test batch and make the appropriate adjustments BEFORE making cookies for a special occasion or for a customer. This is a recipe that is used on a regular basis at SweetAmbs with fantastic results, but that does not mean that it will be right for everyone. Please read this post for more information on making cookie dough.