Supplies For Cookie Decorators

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This list of supplies for cookie decorators contains everything I would have wanted (or was lucky enough to have) when I started decorating cookies. Each item in this list has a link to purchase online, but you can also find some of these in the cake decorating aisle of your local craft store.

1) Cookie Cutters

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters offers hundreds of shapes, so it’s hard to narrow this down. The Long Fancy Plaque and Square Plaque are a couple of my favorites.


The cookie cutters that I use most often are from this Round Cutter Set. It comes with 11 cookie cutters ranging in size from 3/4″ to 3-5/8″.


2) Books

Cookie Art by Amber Spiegel of SweetAmbs (that’s me!)


The Cookie Companion by Georgeanne Bell – Georgeanne’s book has the most comprehensive color chart I’ve ever seen.


Martha Stewart Handmade Cookie Decorating – This 24 page booklet is the one that inspired me to try my hand at decorating cookies!


3) 12″ disposable decorating bags and bag ties

Piping bags are an essential tool for cookie decorating, but those little bag ties are just as important! They keep the top of the bag closed to prevent the icing from drying and they keep the icing from pouring out of the wrong end while you’re decorating.


4) Decorating Tip Set

One of the first items I received when I started decorating was a Wilton decorating tip set. My most used tips are 1, 3, 101, 352, 16 and 21. Even if you don’t use the others on a regular basis, it’s great to have them on hand to experiment with different piping techniques. This set also comes with one coupler (for switching tips) and a flower nail (for piping roses).


5) Food Coloring

Wilton Color Right – This set of 8 concentrated gels (in squeeze bottles!) can be combined to create any color you can imagine.


Wilton Garden Tone Set – This is what I use when I want to create those soft, dusty shades without having to combine colors.

Master-Class2-resized colors

6) Meringue powder 

This is the secret (not really) ingredient in royal icing. Meringue powder is nonperishable, so I recommend the 16oz can because it’s the best deal and it will last pretty much forever. You can read more about royal icing and meringue powder in this post.


7) Scribe tool 

My must-have tool! If you’ve watched my cookie decorating videos, you know that I always have one of these by my side. I use it for smoothing icing, creating small details and correcting mistakes. Sweet Sugarbelle just came out with her own line of cookie decorating supplies, including this scribe tool (aka food pick).


8) Brush Set 

This set comes with brushes that are perfect for painting fine details and large areas, brush embroidery and dry dusting.


9) Luster Dusts 

These can be applied dry for a light shimmer or mixed with alcohol for a more concentrated shine. Read this post for more information on painting on royal icing with luster dust.

Crystal Colors Antique Gold is one of my favorite gold luster dusts.


Wilton Pearl Dusts come in a variety of colors including Bronze, White, Orchid Pink, and Black.


10) Video Tutorials & Online Classes

Video Lessons 1-20 – Learn everything from the basics of making royal icing and flooding a cookie to more advanced techniques like piping roses and painting on royal icing. You can stream them right from your computer or download them to watch later while you’re not connected to the internet.


Craftsy Classes – My Craftsy classes are for those who want a more interactive learning experience than what is offered on the USB drive. There’s a forum for students to ask questions and I answer all of them personally. Students can also upload their cookie photos to show what they’ve learned in class. Click on the images below to enroll.


Craftsy Title card1

11) Shipping Supplies 

ULINE Heat sealer– The best way to keep cookies fresh for weeks is to seal them individually in cello bags. I’ve had my 8″ heat sealer from ULINE for about 6 years now and it’s still going strong. You can read more about packaging and storing cookies in this post.

Cello is my favorite place to buy cello bags. They have a huge selection of styles, including biodegradable bags! This is also where I buy my recycled tissue paper as well as bakery boxes that I use to wrap cookies for shipping.

Shipping boxes – I love these multi-depth boxes from ULINE because you can adjust the depth of the box depending on how many cookies you’re shipping. Or, if you use Priority Mail to ship your cookies, you can get Flat Rate boxes shipped to you for FREE from the U.S. Postal Service.

Looking for more recommendations? Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help!


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