Unicorn Cookies and Some News

A friend of mine ordered some unicorn cookies recently, which gave me an opportunity to use the new unicorn cookie cutter designed by Lilaloa for Ann Clark Cookie Cutters. I didn’t film a tutorial for these simply because I didn’t have the time (it’s amazing to me how much longer it takes to decorate a cookie while filming it!), but I’ve posted a couple of links to other unicorn cookie tutorials at the bottom of this post.

I stopped selling cookies at the end of 2014 when I switched my focus to tutorials and classes, but very slowly, I’ve been taking orders from friends and family. I’m hoping to open my online cookie business again in late summer when I move my studio back into a commercial kitchen (currently I’m working in an art studio with a kitchenette). I’ll be sure to send out a newsletter with more info when I’m settled in the new space. You can sign up here to stay up to date!

Find this unicorn head cookie cutter here at Ann Clark Cookie Cutters.

Click on the images below for more cookie projects!


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