Macaroys + SweetAmbs Macarons

I met Roy Cohen of Macaroys at Smorgasburg food and flea market here in Kingston when I purchased a box of his delicious macarons. I’d always been intimated by making macarons (there are so many things that can go wrong!), but Roy makes it look effortless.

While baking macarons makes me nervous, decorating them is a different story! We thought it would be so much fun to combine our talents and teach a macaron baking and decorating class, so Roy made a test batch here at my studio for me to decorate over the weekend. This is my new obsession. I mean, look at these! There’s just something about a decorated macaron that’s so appealing to me. We’re still working out the details of our class, but stay tuned for details.

UPDATE: We finalized the details of the class! Find more info and register here.

Roy sells his macarons at local markets in the Hudson Valley during the summer. Check out his work at and on Instagram.

The rose-filled macaron in this last photo is based on designs by SweetMoses and ayseyamanbutikpasta. I probably wouldn’t do this one again because it was so hard to place the roses on the shell facing outward! They do it way better than I do, anyway 🙂 Take a look!

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