Getting Organized with Done & Done Home!

Well, it didn’t take me very long to create a mess in my new cookie studio! I’m the type of person who just throws things in drawers and cabinets with no real organization to it.

Fortunately the amazing women of Done & Done Home came to my rescue. Now everything has its own place in the drawers and cabinets, which makes cleaning up at the end of the day a million times easier (and more fun!). Keep scrolling to see the before and after photos!

Here’s the before photo of where I store my sprinkles and luster dusts. I have so many that they need their own cabinet!

And the after 😍

What a difference! Kate and Ann of Done & Done Home brought so many containers and risers and even Lazy Susans to store all my cookie stuff.

This next photo is where I store most of my baking ingredients (these are getting embarrassing).

And the after. They even had a little container for the Reese’s Christmas trees that I’d been hiding from my 2 year old 😂

Here’s the drawer that holds my decorating tips and bags (yikes!).

And here’s the same drawer after Kate and Ann worked their magic:

I’m not even going to show you the before of this drawer. I just can’t. But look how beautiful it is now!

Here’s my workbench before (after a particularly messy day):

And here it is after everything was put away in its proper place (they even organized my coffee cups!):

And my most favorite area, the cookie cutter storage. The before:

And the after:

I just LOVE these labels they made!

Kate and Ann really went above and beyond. Not only did they organize all of my cookie decorating tools and ingredients, but they even put away my dishes and cleaned the sink!

Having everything organized in the studio helps me to feel less stressed while I’m working and everything seems to go a little bit smoother and faster.

Thank you so much to Done & Done Home for your hard work! Visit their website to see all of the organization services they offer and give them a follow on Instagram!

Take a look at the time lapse video below to see how I created these logo cookies for Done & Done Home using the tissue paper method.

3 thoughts on “Getting Organized with Done & Done Home!

  1. I am a cake decorator but get a lot of requests for cookies. Wish I had the time to do cookies. Yours are so beautiful! I truly enjoy looking at your creations. I recently redesigned my work space. Feels good doesn’t it!

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