Dessert Nachos! April Fools’ Day Meal

It’s that time of year again! My friend Haniela and I collaborated on this April Fools’ Day food prank – visit her blog for her tutorial on how to make dessert sushi that looks just like the real thing!

These dessert nachos are made with cookies, cake, frosting, and pudding. I modeled them after Taco Bells’ Nachos BellGrande – complete with take-out container! Scroll down for the tutorial, recipes, and supply list! And remember to take a second look the next time someone offers you a yummy plate of nachos 😉

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Getting Organized with Done & Done Home!

Well, it didn’t take me very long to create a mess in my new cookie studio! I’m the type of person who just throws things in drawers and cabinets with no real organization to it.

Fortunately the amazing women of Done & Done Home came to my rescue. Now everything has its own place in the drawers and cabinets, which makes cleaning up at the end of the day a million times easier (and more fun!). Keep scrolling to see the before and after photos!

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